The Company


Since 1981,QuicKDrink is engaged in the area of sales and exploitation of vending machines and we have managed to create and preserve an extensive network of satisfied clients, always providing high quality services.

Key point in the course of QuicKDrink was the incorporation of vending machines that use coffee bean in the selection of our products, making each beverage a distinctive experience, as the grinding of the coffee takes place exactly before the preparation of the beverage, extracting all the hidden flavors of coffee.

QuicKDrink after many years of experience in the sector of vending machines has expanded its activities in the area of HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café), by importing and distributing different varieties of coffee, tea and chocolate beverages. Furthermore, we provide intergraded solutions in professional equipment such as professional coffee makers etc.

Since 2013 our company has been the exclusive importer and representative of the Italian coffee Cafe Péra and it is ready to introduce all of you who love coffee in the world of exquisite espresso.


The basic target of our company is to ensure that our customers obtain quality services and products in advantageous prices. We are interested in upgrading our services and products through continuous research in order to find new products and through a constant attempt to decrease prices.

The opinion of our customers is valuable and welcome in all cases.