• Maintenance – Repair of Professional Coffee Machines

    No matter what is the damage to your Professional Coffee Machine, QuicKDrink is always close to your needs, offering a new service, which includes the following:

    • A free of charge visit of our specialist technician in order to evaluate the situation
    • In case the damage is small, the replacement is done on the spot
    • In case the machine needs service, we undertake its transport to our facilities and we provide you with a replacement machine free of charge
    • After the assessment of the damage, you are informed for the repair cost and the cost of any necessary spare parts
    • The machine is returned in excellent operation, surely, reliably, quickly, responsibly and guaranteed.
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Troubleshooting / Restoration of problems (damages) on the spot

Cost of visit 25 Euro (plus VAT).
Spare parts are not included in the price.

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